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ScreenShot System Title Last Update Description
Screenshot ti99 windows
classic99 2024-04-19

Classic99 TI-99/4A Emulator for Windows, QI3xx series
Screenshot colecovision ti99
vgmcomp2 2024-04-14

Decode, parse, compress and playback 8-bit chiptunes for SN, AY and SID. Supports VGM, MOD, and a few other inputs, and has tools for manipulating and preparing data for compression. Command-line tools.
Screenshot ti99 windows
tiobj2bin 2024-03-21

Hacky little tool to go from TI object files to binaries (and vice versa)
Screenshot colecovision windows
makemegacart 2024-03-01

Tool to assemble a colecovision megacart. Requires a modified SDCC linker.
Screenshot apple2 windows
converthgr 2023-12-02

Convert images into Apple2 HGR mode (no DHGR)
Screenshot colecovision ti99
convert9918 2023-06-18

Converter for the TMS9918A's bitmap mode, and F18A enhanced bitmap modes.
Screenshot ti99 windows
vdpcap 2023-03-30

A small tool to convert a 9918A VDP RAM dump into an image
Screenshot linux windows
ponychat 2023-01-19

Really cheesy quote generator
Screenshot windows bin2inc 2022-12-21

Yet another binary to include tool
Screenshot windows funkystars 2022-11-30

Screensaver for Windows
Screenshot ti99 windows
cartrepack 2022-07-21

Took to repack a video convert file for the TI into a TI cartridge (if it's under 512MB). See below.
Screenshot ti99 windows
tividconvert 2022-07-21

Set of scripts that convert a video for playback on the TI-99/4A. See below.
Screenshot ti99 windows
tiaudioconvert 2022-07-21

Audio converter for the TI-99/4A (part of the videoconvert toolset). See below.
Screenshot ti99 windows
videopack 2022-07-21

Packs still frames and audio into a TI-99/4A playable video. See below.
Screenshot windows dashboard 2022-05-26

A Windows application that speaks OBD-II over a serial port to make a digital dash of sorts.
Screenshot colecovision windows
packcolecocart 2022-05-26

Packdatacart for ColecoVision - packs data file into a megacart layout.
Screenshot ti99 windows
packdatacart 2022-05-26

Tool to pack a TI cart with program in the first bank and data in the rest
Screenshot windows tursicopy 2022-05-26

I guess I should note that I've been using this daily on a couple of machines for several years. But you still shouldn't use it, because I don't want to take responsibility if it deletes all your data. ;)
Screenshot windows FlipTerm 2022-04-28

FlipTerm MUD client, a fork of GMud in development since 2000.
Screenshot linux macosx
ti99 windows
Classic99v4 2022-04-28

Classic99 v4xx Work-In-Progress
Screenshot windows newpic 2022-04-13

Intended to generate backdrop images, it scans a folder of images, randomly selects one, automatically resizes it, and sets your backdrop. It is multi-monitor and active desktop aware (though does Active Desktop even still exist?), and can also create mosaics of images with very flexible image arrangement. I've also used it to generate sprite sheets and it can read in tags from ImageMagick and output a text-based map file for them.
Screenshot ti99 windows
DskXfer 2022-04-12

Disk image transfer over RS232 for the TI-99/4A to Windows
Screenshot ti99 windows
ti99saver 2022-04-05

A screensaver that simulates loading TMS9918A bitmap images
Screenshot windows spawn 2022-04-05

A simple Windows tool to launch a program minimized.
Screenshot onhandpc windows
OnHandSlideshow 2022-03-13

A slideshow generator for the OnHand PC (and maybe Ruputer)
Screenshot windows myhook 2022-02-28

A simple keyboard hook program with find mouse, paste string, and similar functions. Meant for Win2000, may not all work on modern Windows.
Screenshot jaguar linux
makefastboot 2022-02-28

Atari Jaguar replacement signing code - faster boot with checksum.
Screenshot windows marquee2 2022-02-27

A simple marquee screensaver that takes the displayed text from a text file of quotes.
Screenshot windows hgrsaver 2022-02-27

Windows screen saver that simulates loading images in Apple 2 HGR mode
Screenshot ti99 windows
gromrelocate 2022-02-27

A little tool to add in relocating TI-99/4A GROM programs to another address.
Screenshot windows exMatrix 2022-02-27

A Matrix-inspired screensaver for Windows. Multimonitor aware and works on 11.
Screenshot windows copynew 2022-02-23

Simple tool to automatically append the next incrementing number to a copied filename
Screenshot ti99 windows
VideoDespeckle 2022-01-27

Tool to improve the quality of TI videos
Screenshot colecovision ti99
vgmcomp 2022-01-27

Audio packer for TI and Coleco
Screenshot jaguar windows
skunk_jcp 2022-01-27

Jaguar Copy Program for the Atari Jaguar Skunkboard. Windows EXE included, but builds under Linux and OSX as well.
Screenshot ti99 windows
ReparseTIAsm 2022-01-27

Reparses assembly files generated by the tms9900 port of GCC into single files that can be assembled elsewhere
Screenshot windows dircmd 2022-01-25

Simple (and probably only useful to me) tool to run a command against multiple files in a folder, potentially multi-threaded. See below.
Screenshot windows classic99paste 2022-01-25

Tool to paste text to the Classic99 emulator. See below.
Screenshot windows makemulticart 2022-01-20

Create a TI Multicart from a folder full of EA#5 programs

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