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                     Zombie MOTIF
based on TI Farmer by Howard Kistler/Dream Codex Retrogames
                 and ZomBXB by Tursi
          idea to combine them by Owen Brand!

Zombie MOTIF ships as a cartridge image for the TI-99/4A in the standard "C.BIN" or V9T9 format, and should work in all emulators.

The following documentation was written by Howard Kistler/ Dream Codex Retrogames and modified by Tursi for this version of the game, using story ideas by Owen.


You are Farmer McOwen, once red-blooded homesteader in the America of 1900. Farmer McOwen was assimilated into the Zombie collective (zombies commonly roamed the American plains in those days). He subsequently escaped and was put into the witness protection program. Farmer...ahem... Zombie McOwen is relocated to Iowa where he starts a new farm.

To survive on this new farm you will need to work your land, an expanse of acreage which you can work one quad of each season. (The farm is very large, and you also follow the wise path of rotating your crops.)

Each season you may do one of the following things:


Break up the soil and plow under any remaining crop material from previous seasons. You will be asked which quad you want to plow. Make sure you choose one with plenty of unbroken ground (dark brown and cracked looking earth).


Plant seeds in all the plowed ground of a quad. Plowed ground is light brown and has a regular wavy texture. Seeded ground will mature into harvestable crops at the end of each Spring.


Harvest any mature crops in a quad. Mature crops are dark green and leafy, while seedlings are light green and grass-like. You will receive $1 for every crop you harvest.


Hire a farmhand to help around the place. This will cost you $250 each time, and you can hire up to four farmhands. They are displayed in red at the lower right, with the first person representing yourself. Each farmhand you hire reduces the impact of bad events and increases the benefits of good events. The farmhands available for hire are Katie Sue, Slim Buck, Fat Roy, and L'il Rex.


Exit the game. You will get a summary of how much you earned by the time you quit. If you do not quit, the game will continue to the year 2000, at which point Farmer McOwen will have had enough and quit himself.


Throughout the course of play random events will occur on the farm. Some will benefit you (like a new tractor that helps you break ground or windfall profits from growing a high-demand crop), others will set you back (insects may devour mature crops or the zombies may find you). Hiring farmhands will help offset the losses of bad events and will boost the gains of good events, so keep a few handy.


Zombies will stumble onto your farm at random, having used Google via telegraph to look up your new location. They are out for revenge, and looking to destroy your farm as well as to eat your brains.

Use the joystick to move. You will automatically fire in the direction you are moving. The zombies are coming up everywhere, and moving in towards you. They're slow, but deadly, and only a head-shot will take them out. Some of these guys are JUST floating heads, take those out too!

Don't worry about a headless body - eventually it will disintegrate. It's harmless!

Watch out for the electrified barriers - if you touch one, that's instant death!

With a strong defense (and the best defense is a strong offense!), the zombies will eventually be driven off, and you will return to the farming.

If the zombies catch you, or you run into an electrified barrier, then you will die. If you were playing as a farmhand, that farmhand is lost, and you will have a pleasant memorial before going back to work. However, in that time the zombies will foul the quadrant that they invaded, rendering portions of it useless for future growing.

If Farmer McOwen himself went in due to lack of farmhands, and is killed, all is not lost. After all, he is a zombie too, but it will take him some time to recover. With nobody minding the farm, the zombies are free to foul the entire land, causing far more damage.

CONTROLS (Farming)

A = PLOW a quad B = SEED a quad C = REAP a quad D = HIRE a farmhand E = QUIT the game 1-4 = Select the numbered quad for your action

CONTROLS (Zombies)

Joystick 1, or E,S,D,X to move and fire simultaneously.



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