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This is a silly little game I made back in... it must have been 1988 or 1989. I had it posted before, but there was no good way to get a copy of The Missing Link to run it. Now there is, and I replaced the shareware title page with something a little nicer. ;)

The game is pretty slow and doesn't have much depth, but, it's a thing!


How to use:

You will need Extended BASIC, the Missing Link, 32k, joystick and a Disk system.

TML 2.0 for Extended BASIC is included with kind permssion from Harry Wilhelm.


To run the game, insert the TMNT disk into DSK1 (it MUST be DSK1).

First, enter: RUN "DSK1.TML"

When the cursor returns, enter: RUN "DSK1.TMNT"

The game will begin and automatically load images from DSK1 as it proceeds.

Use the joystick to move/choose, and the fire button to select/advance/attack.

You will select one of the four turtles, and face against three bosses in one-on-one battles.

Bebop is a mutated boar, and will attack with punches and kicks.

Rocksteady is a mutated rhino, and will attack with machine gun, kicks, and charges.

Shredder is a ninja human, and will attack with de-mutagen ray, punches, and jump kicks.

If you are hit too many times and lose all your health, or are struck by the de-mutagen ray, you will revert to a normal turtle. If there are turtles remaining, you get another chance.

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Repo Created:2022-04-12
Last Update:2022-04-12

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