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This program is offered for the TI-99/4A, ColecoVision and for MSDOS.
-TI- Provided as a 512kb non-inverted cart. Just insert and follow the prompts.
-Coleco- 512kb Megacart. Insert and follow the prompts. You'll use the keypad to answer prompts. When asked for Y/N, '1' is Y and '0' is N.
-MSDOS- To use this tarot reader, simply extract the files into the same directory, and type 'TAROT'. Instructions are given in program. 11 Feb 97 - You may now specify a file to log your reading to. It's just as ugly as the output to the screen, but it gives you a way to record your session. Thanks to Canis for suggesting it. Note that there appears to be a bug with respect to running under DOSBOX, you may have to press CONTROL-Enter instead of just enter to enter lines. If the y/N prompt at the beginning never continues, try that. It's shipped here for MSDOS, but it should build under anything that can read the K&R C syntax it's presented in. Building in a newer compiler will probably fix the above-mentioned DOSBOX incompatibility, too. Source will be at https://github.com/tursilion/tarot

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Repo Created:2022-04-06
Last Update:2024-03-06

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