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STRANGER is a text adventure I wrote in 1987 or 1988, back in Summerland, BC. It was conceived while I was crawling through a frozen, spider-web infested drainage pipe in the middle of winter because... well, because I was a stupid kid. ;)

The file 'STRANGER' is a TIFILES style 'FIAD' file for emulation or transfer to a real TI, and runs in TI BASIC. This is the original game from the late 80s.

'STRANGE_SP' is a TIFILES style 'FIAD' file that uses the Terminal Emulator II text to speech feature. You MUST do "CALL FILES(1)" before loading it or it will not operate correctly. There's no screen output except for what you type. However, it probably would benefit from a little more prompting.

Both of this files are also on the enclosed disk image.

The file 'stranger16KB8.bin' is a 378-style 16k bank-switched ROM cartridge for emulation or burning an EPROM for a real TI. This is a compiled version of the game with many graphical, audio, and style enhancements done in 2016 by Retrospect of AtariAge. Thanks very much! Carts can also be purchased from, at least as of the time of this writing.

Stranger32KB8.bin is the same code reformatted to run on the FlashROM99. (Faster loader than the 16k version). It has exactly the same content.

To play, load up one or the other (either load and select the cart, or get STRANGER onto a disk and "OLD DSK1.STRANGER" (tape should also work). In BASIC, type 'RUN' to start.

Once in, you're presented with a little introduction. The parser is keyword based and not verb/noun, so you have a lot of freedom in how you instruct it. Movement is generally single word (north, south, up, down, etc). You can also GET things, EXAMINE things you have, WAIT to kill time. You can not "USE" items like in some adventures, say specifically what you want to do with the item instead. For example: "PUT ID IN SLOT"


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Repo Created:2022-04-06
Last Update:2022-04-06

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