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This is a simulation of the old game "Code Name: Sector". In it, you attempt to hunt and sink a hidden sub with 1-4 players, using only a range finder and some deduction.

I've made it mostly play like the original, enough, I believe, that the original documentation will suffice. There is one area that is fairly different, and I did this because the XB display update is a bit slow, and that is during the firing sequence.

Pressing AIM displays 'AIM'. While this is up, the normal left and right keys to turn the compass affect your aim, not your direction. You may exit AIM mode by pressing Recall, you are not committed yet! This is contrary to the original game, where you would repeatedly press AIM to change the direction.

During AIM mode, press FIRE. The game will ask you to enter depth, which is 1-3. This is contrary to the original game, which would sequence/flash the depths during AIM mode, and fire immediately.

If you try to move more than once in a turn, it will flash "NEXT". If you try to fire more than once in a turn, it will ignore you.

The other differences are small. 'F' ranges (ranges that are ok to fire) are indicated with "F OK" in the status window, rather than an F in the range display. A collision automatically displays your relocated course and bearing rather than relying on you to press Recall (SOS does require RECALL however!). You can only set the Evasive Sub option at the beginning of the game, and if you want to reveal the sub's location, Give up, but that ends the game.

Finally, I don't have graph paper that is 50x50, so I made it configurable. You need at least 30x30 cells to play, up to 74x74. Remember, North Latitude counts UP from 25 at the bottom, and East longitude counts RIGHT from 25. (Although you can flip it any way you like, the charting is for your reference.)

I didn't put computer charting in for two reasons. First, time. ;) But secondly, the charting is the whole art of the puzzle. If the computer draws the charts, it might as well be playing by itself, as it will give away the answer.

In case you don't have the docs, the basic game play, per ship, is:

1) Press range - this is the distance to the sub. Range is measured as a square around the ship - so mark off only 90 degree and 45 degree lines, and draw the box. Further, the sub will not venture within 5 units of the edge of the map. 2) Set course and speed, and Move ship. Do not collide with other ships, if you do, you will be knocked to a random location and course. 3) Press range again. The sub has not moved, so use the new range to update your chart and eliminate impossible positions. 4) If you are within 2 units, and the sub is in a 45 degree or 90 degree line to you, the system will display "F OK" when you press range. If this is set, you may safely fire. If you fire when "F OK" if not valid, you will ALWAYS miss! 5) To fire, first press AIM (if you forget, AIM mode enters for you automatically). Select the direction with left and right, then press FIRE. The system will ask you for the depth. The sub resides at a depth of 1, 2 or 3, so press that value. 6) A hit displays as SUB! and ends the game. If you fire in the correct direction and have a direct shot (F OK), but get the incorrect depth, the system will display "OFF" and a number indicating how far off (1 level or 2 levels). 7) If you fire the wrong direction, out of range, or without a clear shot (F OK), "SOS!" lights up and the system will relocate you to a random position and course. (The sub 'retaliates'). Press RECALL to see your new position. 8) When done, press NEXT SHIP. The sub will move one unit but will stay at the same depth. The sub will not change course unless it reaches 5 units of the border, then it will turn to a new course. 9) EVASIVE SUB makes the game more difficult by allowing the sub to turn 45 degrees every time a shot is missed (OFF or SOS).

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Repo Created:2022-02-23
Last Update:2022-02-23

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