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Hyper Racer was created for the AtariAge Crap Game contest back in 2010.

Hyper Racer is shipped as a 16k ROM image using Jon's 379 cartridge format. To use it with Classic99, add this entry to your Classic99.ini file:

[usercart1] name=Hyper Racer rom0=3|0000|4000|mods\hyperracer.bin

Place hyperracer.bin in the Classic99\MODs folder, then start Classic99.exe. You should be able to select the ROM from Cartridge->User->Hyper Racer. (There's no shortcut today for 379 style ROMs). This ROM should also work with MESS but I am not sure how you load them there. ;)

HyperRace Flyer.PDF is the flyer distributed for the game (hypothetically), and the text file would be the instruction notes that came with it, probably on a tiny piece of paper.


-Select Hyper Racer from the TI cartridge selection menu
-On the title screen, press any key or space bar to continue
-To steer, press S to go left, or D to go right. If you release the keys your car will auto-center.

Avoid the other racers and pass them to continue.

Every so often you will pass through a new area at random. There are three areas:
-Daytime - the sun is high and the grass is green - go for it!!
-Night time - it's hard to see here, watch yourself!!
-Winter time - the road is white as a sheet - drive with caution!!

To exit the game, press FCTN-= (QUIT)

Why is it crap? To me the worst experience of all was getting a game that looks like it had potential, but that clearly more effort was put into marketing than production. So before you read any further, play the game for a few minutes. ;)


This game was actually a demo I wrote years ago to show that TI BASIC could do some animation. It can't go much farther than it does, but I added user control and different color schemes. To me it actually still looks kind of neat, but it's not a fun game by any means, and that's the real shame.

I didn't have time to do something that was seriously offensive, so hopefully the minimal amount of time I have put into this will offend you! If you aren't offended yet, press FCTN-4 in game (but please don't tell anyone about that yet... it's something I did for Owen. hehe ;) )

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Repo Created:2022-05-21
Last Update:2022-05-21

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