hgrsaver - v20160304


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On most versions of Windows, you can just right-click and select "Configure" or "Install". On earlier versions, drop the SCR file into the C:\WINDOWS folder.

The following options are available:

- Stretch Histogram -- increases contrast and balances the image histogram. May overexpose low contrast images but usually is helpful. (On by default).

- Perceptual color matching - balances color selection against human vision perception using RGB color space. When off (default), color matching uses the YUV color space, which usually produces better results.

- Accumulate Errors - produces more mathematical correct dithering, but the resulting image is often much noisier. (On by default).

- Green Screen Mode - simulates an Apple2 green monitor instead of using color

- Change time - sets the time between images from 1 second to 60 seconds.

- Load Speed - sets the length of the image loading animation from roughly 10 seconds to instantaneous.

- Image path - selects the path to your pictures. The browse button to the right of the text field can be used to browse for it.

- Advanced: Display only on one fixed monitor - if you have multiple monitors, you can check this and enter a pixel location to identify the monitor, and only that monitor will save. (Others will remain as-is.)

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Repo Created:2022-02-27
Last Update:2022-02-27

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