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ScreenShot System Title Last Update Description
Screenshot colecovision ti99
vgmcomp2 2024-05-26

Decode, parse, compress and playback 8-bit chiptunes for SN, AY and SID. Supports VGM, MOD, and a few other inputs, and has tools for manipulating and preparing data for compression. Command-line tools.
Screenshot colecovision msdos
tarot 2024-03-06

A simple text-based tarot reader - was originally a BBS door game.
Screenshot colecovision windows
makemegacart 2024-03-01

Tool to assemble a colecovision megacart. Requires a modified SDCC linker.
Screenshot colecovision ti99
tf3 2023-09-27

Short music player tribute to Thunder Force III
Screenshot colecovision libti99coleco 2023-08-27

libti99 for ColecoVision and SDCC
Screenshot colecovision colecobanking 2023-06-20

Examples of bank switching for ColecoVision Megacarts using a modified SDCC linker.
Screenshot colecovision ti99
convert9918 2023-06-18

Converter for the TMS9918A's bitmap mode, and F18A enhanced bitmap modes.
Screenshot colecovision colecotests 2022-05-26

Test programs for the ColecoVision and Phoenix
Screenshot colecovision windows
packcolecocart 2022-05-26

Packdatacart for ColecoVision - packs data file into a megacart layout.
Screenshot colecovision ti99
waterville 2022-04-15

Waterville Rescue - a tiny sh'mup based on an old kid's show ;)
Screenshot colecovision ti99
vgmcomp 2022-01-27

Audio packer for TI and Coleco
Screenshot colecovision f18aupdatecoleco 2022-01-25

This code updates an F18A from a Megacart-style ROM image. This code seems to have been tested successfully now.

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