Classic99v4 - vv400.000


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This depot is not guaranteed to build at any given time - it's my bleeding edge repository.

Open source (but restrictive license) emulator including ROMs licensed by Texas Instruments - see older documentation for license and restrictions.

This repository is not yet useful - however, it does boot and incldues the Demonstration cart.

All features of the following hardware are complete:
- CPU TMS9900
- VDP TMS9918A
- PSG SN76xxx/TMS9919
- basic keyboard (99/4 and 99/4A)
- System ROM
- Scratchpad RAM

There are a lot of changes compared to Classic99 3xx, with a goal to easier expandability. However, there is a LONG way to go before it approaches parity.

Note there is NO WAY TO LOAD OR SAVE SOFTWARE. So it's not useful yet. But it runs.

You can run any of the three console variants by passing a year at the command line. This is NOT a permanent interface and will go away when menus appear someday...

- classic99v4.exe 1979 - runs the 99/4
- classic99v4.exe 1981 - runs the 99/4A
- classic99v4.exe 1983 - runs the 99/4A v2.2

The code is based on Allegro 5.x, so in theory, it should build cross-platform. If you try it, let me know what happened.

Tested Platforms ================

- Platform Version Status Date Notes
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Windows 10 working 1/6/2022
- Linux Debian 10 working 12/27/2021
- Linux WSL2 Ubuntu working 1/6/2022 VcXsrv, audio not tested
- Mac OSX ? working 1/19/2022 Running stable with Allegro loaded via Brew
- PI 4 Raspbian almost Graphics layering is not correct, otherwise runs. Slow when scaled.

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Repo Created:2020-11-08
Last Update:2022-04-28

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