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The whole concept of a links page is kind of obsolete today, isn't it? Last time I updated it was so long ago I still listed MapQuest as a neat, new site...

Personal Links

  • Fossil Line Systems
    Want to contract me for professional projects for your legacy systems? Here's the page to show your boss. Ping me for details.
  • Mastodon - Moving most of my random posts here these days.
  • Twitter - Place where I used to make my random posts.
  • Odysee - video site where I upload most of my videos these days.
  • YouTube - less stuff here since it's more restrictive.
  • Blogger - I post here when I want to rant about technology.
  • AtariAge - One of the only forums I spent any time on these days.
  • Brutal: Paws of Fury Remake - An unofficial remake of the classic furry fighter. A DOS game running under MUGEN - I guess I'm still hosting this.
  • TI Books Mirror - mirrored archive of many TI-99/4A books
  • PonyChat - A silly cartoon mixup app I built - refresh for new text
  • SN_Sfxr - A port of SFXR locked down to the SN and exporting VGM
  • Ko-Fi - Cof-fee... get it? Place to donate money to me. Sometimes I even remember to make special posts.
  • This page belongs to Tursi. Link, link, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more.. :)