(NOTE: Cool Herders for Dreamcast is still available from The GOAT Store, LLC (our publisher) for $14.90US.)

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Cool Herders for the Dreamcast was started in early 2000 as a quick demo for the DC Tonic compilation CD, showing off the homebrew power of KallistiOS.

Cool Herders is a fast-paced party game where the player uses his elite powers to recover the wayward sheep! Multi-player interaction and special powers are just some of the obstacles keeping the sheep away from them.

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Four player multiplayer mode, single player story mode, secret stages, and more! It even doubles as a soundtrack audio CD! Cool Herders is still available from The Goat Store, LLC for $14.90US. Click the disc image to go to the shop!

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  • Four player multiplayer action with plenty of options!
  • Unlockable special modes!
  • Full single player story mode (including a second mission with increased difficulty!)
  • Six worlds with three stages each (plus secret worlds!)
  • Six playable characters for multiplayer, plus more unlockable!
  • Plenty of secrets!
  • All new graphics (compared to the DC Tonic demo)
  • A full, all new soundtrack with over a dozen tunes!
  • Audio CD compatible soundtrack also on the CD with all tracks plus bonuses!
  • Compatible with NTSC, PAL, and VGA; standard controllers, and VMUs
  • Compatible with 'MIL-CD' spec Dreamcast systems
    (generally Dreamcasts manufactured Oct 2000 and earlier)
  • Powered by KallistiOS and GOAT Store Publishing!

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    Cool Herders (DC)
    Cool Herders (DS)