A sampling of commissioned works for the PC, ColecoVision, Dreamcast, TI-99/4A, Second Life, OnhandPC and Sega Genesis!

If your idea isn't down there, and you have more money than sense, why not contract me to build it? Let's be crazy together! ;)

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FoxxView image viewer for Windows Custom video capture app for an RGB capture board Secret bonus screen for SHOUTwatch Cool Herders for the Sega Dreamcast Mr Chin for the ColecoVision Mario Bros for the ColecoVision Thunder Force multicart for Sega Genesis Stranger for TI-99/4A (art by Retrospect) Don't Mess With Texas megademo for the TI-99/4A Wrestling referee HUD for Second Life Dragon's Lair for the TI-99/4A SD Menu loader for the Phoenix Cart dumper firmware for Phoenix Thunder Force 3 Tribute Music Player for TI-99/4A Demon Attack for the ColecoVision Cool Herders for the Nintendo GBA Super Space Acer for ColecoVision Cool Herders for the Nintendo DS