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Takatron is a twin-stick shooter in the style of Robotron (though more heavily inspired by Llamatron). In Takatron you take on Simba, attempting to blast your way through hordes of enemies controlled by your evil Uncle Taka. This was originally created in 1998 after being inspired by crossover discussions on the Lion King Mailing List. It appears the original release was July 1998.

I don't quite remember the controls... I believe it used the concept of firing in the direction you move, or hold space bar to lock the firing angle.

Originally written for PC DOS, I attempted several other ports as well. The DOS-based versions should run under DOSBox.

DOS Arcade is a port of the PC DOS version to an arcade cabinet I had at the time. It only had a low res monitor, so there is a forced resize of the screen to the lower resolution. It also only supports dual SNES pads hooked up to the parallel port for input. Besides that and having one more sample for coin input, it's exactly the same.

The PSX version is for the original Playstation. It should be possible to play it in emulation or with chipped hardware. If I remember correctly you can use the dual analog sticks to play, otherwise the dpad and four buttons. I think it even has memory card support. However, it runs at a reduced resolution as I hadn't figured out interlaced mode yet and doesn't have the nice color cycling either. A bin/cue file is provided but this has been tested only under emulation. (The large file size is due to CD audio tracks).

Note that the Playstation version of Takatron is also on the PSX Compilation, available elsewhere.

For some reason, someone has made the MSDOS version playable at the Internet Archive: [https://archive.org/details/msdos_Takatron2098_shareware]

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