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ScreenShot System Title Last Update Description
Screenshot jaguar msdos
SuperSpaceAcer 2023-07-16

A long term 2d shooter with versions for TI and ColecoVision, as well as more ambitious plans
Screenshot msdos yiff 2022-04-19

An MSDOS puzzle game eerily similar to Chain Reaction. ;)
Screenshot msdos vote 2022-04-15

A simple voting booth 'door' for old DOS BBSs
Screenshot msdos tetris 2022-04-12

A simple text-mode tetris for DOS
Screenshot msdos tarot 2022-04-06

A simple text-based tarot reader - was originally a BBS door game.
Screenshot msdos psx
takatron 2022-04-06

A parody of Robotron where you guide Simba on his path.
Screenshot msdos ti994a
SuperSledAcer 2022-03-26

A sledding game for TI and MSDOS
Screenshot msdos SuperShootingAcer 2022-03-13

A silly target reaction game for DOS
Screenshot msdos SuperSalesAcer 2022-03-10

XT Platformer game in the Super Acer series!
Screenshot msdos cotm3 2022-02-23

Creature of the Maze 3 is a text-based dungeon crawl, written as a door game in 1995.

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