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Classic99 - v399.010

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I have a lot of database entries to fill in. ;)

Open source (but restrictive license) emulator including ROMs licensed by Texas Instruments - see documentation for license and restrictions.

Tips and tricks video:
Using the debugger:

Last Updates (max 5)

  • added debug option 'ignore console hits' to not breakpoint from the console ROM range (0000-1FFF)
  • prevent previous folder up-navigation in FIAD paths
  • improve disk debug slightly
  • fix for RESTORE/REWIND not setting the record number in sequential file PABs

  • Fix for F18A max sprite register - F18A software that didn't set it would have no sprites at all ;)

  • updated fbForth and replaced XB256 with Isabella
  • CF7 emulation updated
  • gigaflash emulation (disabled, for the most part)
  • Many 9901 fixes: interrupt status bit, clock registers, wraparound from zero, and proper reset behaviour. This makes both CamelForth and cassette work with the same code, finally.
  • fix high-DPI scaling for heatmap
  • fix GPU instruction fetch, was buggy
  • add drag and drop support for cartridges - just drag the file onto the window and it will load and reset
  • F18A features added: text mode attribute colors, second tile layer, sprites per line, text mode sprites
  • VDP now resets differently for warm start vs cold start (mostly to preserve F18A palette on warm)
  • fix disk path history by allowing longer entries in the edit box
  • fixed a typo in the audio volume table

  • fix user carts so more than 100 could be loaded
  • change cartridge memory from static to allocated
  • fix large cartridge types
  • minor AMS tweaks
  • add ability to disable bitmap layers
  • read windows text files without line feeds (like xas99 emits)
  • allow headerless files to open as DF128 or IF128
  • additional debug for some exotic disk tracking methods
  • then later the same day, fix the 9901 timer reset so CS1 works again

  • v399.004
  • reset more of CRU on menu-reset
  • add 9901 timer to the debug register pane
  • don't reset the 9901 timer every time you leave timer mode (fix for CamelForth)
  • more disk DSR warnings (hate that disk DSR so much...)
  • allow the disk corruption break option to catch the DSR warnings too
  • update manual for 9901 line

  • Notes
    Source code is now on Github at

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    Last Update:2019-10-25

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