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Artvoice - v20160820


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windows.gif   Download artvoice compressor and playback code (12.1 mb) (#5) since 2022-06-20
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ti99.gif Same archive as above, just tagging TI-99/4A (12.1 mb) (#5) since 2022-06-20
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coleco.gif Same archive again, just tagging ColecoVision (12.1 mb) (#5) since 2022-06-20

I am no longer supporting this tool - check out VGMComp2 which includes a voice conversion tool based on this concept.

This tool converts WAV files into 60Hz playback data for the SN76489 and compatible sound chips (TI, ColecoVision, etc). It also includes playback libraries for the TI-99/4A and ColecoVision.

Note that the converter is only intended to be suitable for human voice samples with no background noise - it is not intended for music or sound effects

The playback runs on the 60hz interrupt, so it can play back these voice samples with very little CPU intervention and without stopping your game or other application.

This software requires the MATLAB compiler runtime, which is available free on MATLAB's page (instructions included). The Matlab script is also included.

A sample video (including good and poor samples for fair treatment) is available here:

Last Updates (max 5)

  • Added 32-bit version to zip - thanks artrag!

  • artrag submitted some nice optimizations for the ColecoVision playback routines



  • Takes some effort to run under Octave and it is not clear whether it runs correctly there.
  • As this was a collaboration and I don't fully follow the MATLAB side, I can only offer limited support. ;)
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    Last Update:2016-08-20

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