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Based on the popular Dreamcast game, Cool Herders was being developed for the DS with an all new adventure!

The young herder Zeus receives a curious note from his friend and rival, Iskur, which leads him out of Zealande to strange and mysterious locations, trying to recover the stolen sheep and understand Iskur's mysterious turn of behaviour!

Cool Herders was originally to be published on the Nintendo DS, but was not completed. Now, ten years later, the 90% complete, fully playable ROM image is available for just $10US.


  • 90% complete demo, playable on hardware (with appropriate flash cartridge) or emulation!
  • Four player local wireless multiplayer action! (Playable, but incomplete)
  • All new single-player story mode! (100%)
  • Seven worlds with three stages each (100%)
  • Twelve playable characters, each with their own special, plus secret characters! (100%)
  • Did we mention players have unique specials? (100%)
  • New story mode, new graphics, new sound effects, new gameplay! (95%)
  • All new minigames, playable from outside the story mode (2 complete)
  • Full quality soundtrack!
  • 'Post mortem' document describing what happened to the project
  • Concept artwork included
  • Modified emulator that runs the game without artifacts
  • Modified ROM for the emulator of your choice
  • If you are interested in obtaining the demo:
    We are collecting a $10 contribution for the team. Just click the image below to go to the shop.

    [Click here for the shop]


    Cool Herders (DC)
    Cool Herders (DS)