Debunking the FAQs

Unlike when this database was first published, these days there are a wide range of sites offering information about dolphins. Some of the sexual mysteries are published and, without any contradicting evidence, accepted as fact.

Unlike most of the other data on this page, this document is not as yet backed up by hard fact. But common sense should prevail. Many things are often repeated as fact when simply thinking about it for a moment would show that it is clearly not.

The first very common belief is that the male dolphin has a prehensile penis. This doesn't stand up to investigation. There are no structures within the penis itself that would support such a belief. However, the urogential slit is very muscular, and a male dolphin can manipulate his penis from the base, allowing him to use it to pick up objects and the like. It's easy to see where the misconception arises, but this does not constitute prehensile (which would be like a monkey's tail).

The second belief that's making it's rounds is that the force of a male dolphin's ejaculation would be physically dangerous to a human. The very same document quotes, as it's reason, that a male dolphin can ejaculate up to 14 feet. To compare the pressure required, however, consider a super soaker water gun - which can shoot 20-50 feet. The pressure of the water coming from this toy is certainly higher, and yet poses no danger to children, let alone adults. It's safe to reason that the pressure alone would be no more dangerous from a dolphin.

Do note that any such activity would be illegal in most places in the world, and that wild dolphins are protected and dangerous animals. Do not approach wild dolphins and certainly do not attempt to interact with them inappropriately. In some circumstances, wild dolphins may approach humans, even in those cases, remember this is a powerful wild animal, and not 'Flipper' from TV. Treat it with respect and caution.

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